They’re reaching for a better future…

… and like so many of the children who started out in our classrooms at The Bloomingdale Family Program, they’re already on their way.


For more than 50 years, Bloomingdale has been giving an educational head start to young children in poverty in upper Manhattan. We focus on children with special needs, and we provide the services, the support, and the encouragement that give them and their families a route to success.



Where are some of our children today? 

Louis, just out of college, is serving with the Peace Corps, helping youngsters across Africa get off to a good start in life.

Liz and Emily have completed graduate and post-graduate degrees. Both are giving back to Bloomingdale, Emily as a Special Ed teacher for our students with learning needs, and Liz, now Dean at a major New York City independent school, as a valued member of Bloomingdale’s Board.

Nathalie is a CPA, working with a major New York City accounting firm.

Patrick enjoyed a distinguished career as a labor leader and political adviser to the Obama administration, and is now our country’s Ambassador to South Africa.


And beyond these “stars” are the many hundreds of children who entered our classrooms when they were three and four years old, who were encouraged and stimulated by teachers who believed in them, and who went on to complete their education, find useful work, and create their own successful opportunities in their communities and their own families.

This is why we ask for your support of Bloomingdale. For our Annual Appeal and throughout the year, please remember Bloomingdale and please respond with generosity, knowing that you are making an investment in the future of children, families, and the community.