Give a New Meaning to Spring Cleaning

…and lend a hand to The Bloomingdale Family Program.


Sometimes it’s hard to part with the blocks and toys our children once played with, but if outgrown wooden trains and Bristle Blocks are still taking up space in your closet, do consider donating them to The Bloomingdale Family Program. We welcome sturdy play materials and equipment in good condition to supplement classroom resources or to share with our families.

Places of business often discard materials that we can use in our classrooms. Perhaps you recently changed your letterhead; don’t throw out those reams of paper. They will become the books that our children will write and illustrate. We can use construction paper, foam-board, and all kinds of art supplies to help stretch our children’s imaginations.

Our Wish List suggests many ways to give to Bloomingdale and we welcome any other items to encourage Science, Technology, Art, and Literacy exploration in our classrooms. You get a tax deduction for your donation, and you enrich our program and help our families.